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Beginner kids karate Classes Enrolling In December

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You'll notice their Confidence Soar!

Not only will your child get strong, fit and flexible, they'll learn crucial life skills and safety-improving techniques that can be used for a lifetime. Kids learn to understand and resolve conflict in a variety of verbal and practical non-violent ways. Martial arts improves the quality of young people’s lives. It helps children build character and test their limits in a safe, family environment. Here at West Wind Karate, we are dedicated to helping your child achieve their best.

Quite Possibly The Best Activity For Kids!

  • Ages 3-4

At West Wind Karate, we split up the age groups to make sure each and every class is fun and rewarding for the kids. Our 3-4 year old program has been specifically designed to keep your child engaged and interested for the entire class. This program is designed to help your child develop their motor skills, focus and discipline, while learning some Martial Arts in a fun and rewarding environment. During each session, our instructors will go at a slower pace to ensure that your child is developing accordingly in the classes. Your child will learn basic kicks, punches and blocks to help develop their coordination and confidence. 

  • Ages 5-6

Our amazing Kids Program is geared towards your child between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. West Wind Karate will help set your child up for success by building confidence and teach them a winning attitude. Your child will also learn the importance of making good decision and learning about accountability for their own actions. We also incorporate teamwork by working together with other students 

The Benefits Are Outstanding At West Wind Karate!

Whether your kids are just starting out in the martial arts, or whether they have a wealth of experience, our instructors are sure to help your child achieve their full potential in the martial arts. And as they do, you'll enjoy seeing your kids thrive as the benefits of the martial arts begin to take hold:

  • Character-building exercises and leadership skills for a bright future
  • Lessons on dealing with strangers and handling tough situations
  • A new-found appreciation for physical fitness
  • Anti-bully self-defense skills that will keep your child safe
  • Learn goal-setting skills and how to celebrate your achievements
  • Build strength, flexibility and stay fit

Find Out How Your Child Can Get started.

If you want your child to gain the confidence, self-discipline, and respect they deserve, you can trust this program to get the job done, FAST!

Whether you live or work in Holliday, Midvale, Draper, West Valley, Kearns, Taylorsville, Salt Lake City, or Sandy Utah, find out more about our kids karate program today! Just fill in the request form to have information delivered straight to your inbox.

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